Baby look to the sky

There’s a million stars tonight

I wish I may I wish I might

Get to see the shimmer in your eyes

To feel your arms around me 

Would complete my fantasy

I’d run my fingers through your hair

In public I’d kiss you without a care

You’re too sweet, too cute, can’t you see?

You’re too god damn perfect to not be with me


22 years. My first phone contact is myself.


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What do you do now versus what you used to do? Glad you found something that works for you!

Oh goodness I’ve learned so many things! I’m a list maker, so I will do this in list format.


  • Food is really my downfall. I can work out all the doo da day but it means nothing if I’m not eating right.
  •  I need to do lots of prep and planning for the week or else I succumb to saying “It’d take too long to cook something healthy so I’ll just grab some fast food”. So for that looks like me pretty much eating the same meals for a whole week. I used to think I’d get bored and that I’d love cooking something every night (and for a while I did and it was fun!), but it actually works so much better for me to cook once for the whole week. 
  • It works much better for me to work in a treat every day (usually a chocolatey dessert) than it does for me to eat perfectly clean for a week or two and then have a cheat meal or day (it always ALWAYS turns into a treat week).


  • I kind of hate the monotony of cardio and I love the variety of strength training. Totally the opposite of what I thought would happen.
  • Because I hate cardio, I haven’t been getting enough of it. So now I try to go to at least one group cardio class a week (because I totally don’t mind cardio when it’s in the form of kickboxing and dancing) and I always use at least 2 different cardio machines when I workout to keep me excited…well as excited as I can be about cardio. 
  • Strength training is something I’m still working on. Right now I’m in the process of trying to find a solid strength program to follow (I’m leaning towards 5x5 right now). I just got out of a period where I kind of just did whatever when I went, but I think I’ve been over training some muscles (particularly arms/back because they’re my fav).


  • PLAN PLAN PLAN. If I don’t have a workout planned for the day, I won’t go. If I don’t have my meals planned for the next day, I’ll eat whatever I want. But if I have it all planned out, I’m 95% more likely to do it and do it right.
  • Forgiveness. Forgive myself for gaining weight. Forgive myself when I’m not perfect. Forgive myself when I mess up.
  • Pride. I’m one hot momma and I should be proud of this body and how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned.

And honestly, that’s only the tip of the iceberg of everything I’ve learned.

prepping and planning is what it’s all about. it’s hard to explain to people but that’s what controls our minds.